Why do Battery Chargers get so Hot

If you’ve ever used a battery charger to keep your car battery juiced, you may be surprised at how hot it can get during operation. It’s natural to wonder how safe this condition is; after all, nobody wants to inadvertently burn down their garage. Thankfully, a hot battery charger isn’t an issue. In fact, it’s… Read More

Closeup of a brake rotor

Going fast is all fun and games—until it’s time to slow down. When it comes time to hit those stoppers, you want to be confident that you can scrub speed safely and smoothly. Brake rotors play a significant role in providing this peace of mind, but which ones are the best? We took a look… Read More

Closeup of a mechanic replacing brake pads

Let’s be honest—most of us only think about our brakes when we need to panic stop. Otherwise, we take this critical safety system for granted every time we bring ourselves to a gentle halt with each stop light and four-way. But our brakes demand and deserve more attention—and at the very least—brake pads will need… Read More

Mechanic holding a brake pad

Many people wonder if brake pads are the same as brakes, and knowing the difference and how a vehicles’ braking system works can help you ensure proper maintenance for your vehicle. You’re in the waiting room at the repair shop, thumbing through their stack of last year’s magazines, when the mechanic comes in and delivers… Read More